Gearing up for Super Bowl Sunday

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – One of the biggest games of the year is right around the corner.

While the Rams and Patriots gear up for the Super Bowl this weekend, owner of The Barn Jim Watson said they too are getting ready for the big game. He said they will have food and drink specials during the day, and of course, the big game will be on all of the televisions. Watson said it will be a great time to not only watch the game but hang out with friends and family.

“No matter if you’re a Rams fan or a Patriots fan or if you’re just a football fan, or if you just want to come down and have some great food, it’s a great time just to hang out and watch the game, listen to the game, spend a little bit of time having fun with folks in the community,” said Watson.

Watson said when it comes to game day, the atmosphere in The Barn is always festive. He said there are plenty of people cheering on their different teams and at times it really sounds like a stadium.

“Any game day down here is kind of like a stadium,” said Watson. “So you’ve got the fans that are cheering for whichever teams, and everything is kind of back and forth, and everybody’s just having a lot of fun.”

While Watson won’t say who he’s rooting for this year, he does say it will be a great day of good old American Football.