School Buses Prepare for the Cold

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – When it comes to cold temperatures, Zanesville City Schools want their students to get to school safely.

In the winter, a mechanic checks the antifreeze levels on all school buses to make sure they are prepared to drive in the cold weather. During cold weather and snow events, Director of the Zanesville City Schools Facility Services Matt Hittle gets up extra early to check all of the roads throughout the district.

“I’m in contact with Dr. Baker, our superintendent. From that point, him and I talk back and forth frequently throughout the morning. Based on whether I see road conditions that are not safe for us to go or the temperatures are too cold,” Hittle said.

As soon as there is a decision made, they use a one-call system so every parent listed will receive a message about the delay or closing.

“The importance obviously is the kid’s safety,” Hittle said. “In temperature conditions, we will make a decision based on the safety of the children and the parents need to understand, the call might come at 5:00 a.m. Instead of tonight, it may come at 5:00 a.m. depending on, we don’t know how cold it’s actually going to get, the predictions are out there but we have to work right up to the last minute sometimes.”

Hittle said they appreciate everyone’s patience throughout the process and wants to assure everyone they will make a decision based on the safety of the children.