Rising river levels leads to flooding

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Rain, snow, and melting ice have all lead to a rise of the Muskingum River.

Muskingum County Emergency Management Agency Director Jeff Jadwin said there are areas where the river has flooded it banks, especially in northern and southern parts of the county. He said there are roads covered with water and reminds motorists that it is never safe to drive through standing water.

“Please do not drive through the standing water,” said Jadwin. “Down on County Road 6 that’s what people are doing. The water is over the road, you don’t know if the roadway’s still there, so please turn around and go back.”

Jadwin said while McConnelsville is still just below flood stage, Coshocton is above flood stage, which means that water will be heading through Zanesville and southern areas of the county soon. He said another concern with all of the flooding is how quickly temperatures are going to drop. Jadwin said with the National Weather Service calling for temperatures well below zero by next week, the river could freeze like it did last January.

“If we get that, that’s going to freeze up the river like it did last year and there’s nothing we can do to control that,” said Jadwin. “We need the people to be aware to get ready to evacuate in case the river would come up an additional 4 feet like it did last year.”

Jadwin said it’s important for anyone along the river to be prepared to evacuate. He said to have a to-go bag packed with essentials like food, medication, and water. Jadwin said with the extreme temperatures it’s important that everyone prepare by having items such as bottled water on hand as well as extra blankets or ways to stay warm. He said it will also be important to check in on elderly neighbors and family during the extreme cold.