The Zanesville Fire Department is Asking for the Public’s Help

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The Zanesville Fire Department is asking for the public’s help keeping a path around local fire hydrants.

The department maintains over 1,100 fire hydrants in the city of Zanesville. Every Spring and Fall the Fire Department and Water Department goes around to each hydrant and makes sure they are in good working condition.

Fire Chief Jeff Bell said, “While you’re out there when you’re cleaning up the sidewalks if you could clean out around the hydrant. About a 3-foot area around the hydrant. Have it accessible from the road. It’ll help protect you and your neighbors in case there’s a fire and we need to use it.”

Around this time of year, with the snow storms coming through it can be difficult for them to keep up with all of the hydrants in the area.

“If you can clean out an area where we could hydrant wrench on it so we can open it up so we have access to get the hose hooked up to the steamer caps and stuff like that it helps,” Chief Bell said.

If you are clearing out the path and notice frozen water coming out or if it looks like it may be out of service, contact the Fire Department immediately.