National Mentoring Month

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – January is National Mentoring Month, aiming to promote volunteers to mentor young kids.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Zanesville focuses on the one on one relationships between big and little. Associate Director Debbie Knaup said mentoring is important for the little because it teaches them lifelong building skills.

“We have a couple different programs you can get involved with to help share in that mentorship process. We have community-based and we also have school-based, which is our lunch buddy programs and they’re both pretty popular. Right now we are looking for big for both,” Knaup said.

The Lunch Buddy Program serves several local schools. Knaup said mentoring is important for the big because it teaches them to understand different situations, to give back and to be more responsible.

“Being a big, being a mentor is pretty incredible actually,” Knaup said. “Sometimes it just takes a little bit to push a kid to see their potential and meet some goals in their life and sometimes we get dealt a hand that’s not always the best but if you have the right person in your background that can help you with that, it’s a good match.”

To become a big, contact the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Zanesville, they will interview you and pair you with a little. You can call them at (740) 453-7300 or visit their website.