Local Historical Inn has Winter Sale

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The Headley Inn Bed and Breakfast is having a winter sale.

The Headley Inn was built in 1833 for travelers on the National Road. Owners Carrie and Brian Adams bought the building in 2015 and opened it up a year later.

“It was just amazing that we’ve lived here for, well Carrie was born and raised here, I’ve lived here for 35 years. We had no idea the history behind it and it just felt like it was a responsibility. It just felt like we needed to go in and bring it back to a revival,” Brian Adams said.

The Inn is fully restored and has many of the original furnishings from the 1800’s. Carrie Adams said that it is these historical touches that make the Inn such a popular and unique destination.

“It’s a feeling of being away from home but your actually close to home. That part about it is really cool and for people who like history or interested in that kind of thing or even if you just like old things,” Carrie Adams said. “It’s just a testament to Muskingum County and Zanesville and Ohio altogether. It’s a really cool place for people who are interested in that kind of thing.”

The winter sale is 25% off, now until Sunday, March 31st. To find out more information about the Inn or to book a room you can head to their website or give them a call at (740) 487-1446.