SNAP Program Affected By Government Shutdown

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The SNAP Program is being affected for the month of February due to the government shutdown.

The SNAP Program stands for the supplemental, nutrition, assistance program. It’s also referred to commonly as the food stamp benefits. Due to the Federal Government Shutdown, the Job and Family Services was notified that Ohio will be issuing February food assistance benefits to participants currently receiving of SNAP, on or before January 20th. Typically programs that are issued are not affected by shutdowns, but in this case the budget for this particular program was only approved through the end of January.

“Luckily February benefits will be issued. These benefits will be issued on or about January 20th. We want to remind people that these are February issuances, and that people really need to be aware of that, and budget their food spending accordingly,” said Director of Job and Family Services, Troy McCollister.

McCollister also said they are not sure if the shutdown will continue into March and how these benefits will be impacted long term. There are approximately 16,000 people locally that need assistance with food sources and depend on the SNAP Program.

“So this could be a very small percentage of their food budget, it could be a little larger percentage of the food budget. But people that are struggling to make ends meet really rely upon this assistance.”

Any information that people need to get to the Job and Family Services will need to be sent to them as soon as possible. Job and Family Services will be working diligently to process everything by the timeline.

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