“Skills and Drills” Baseball Camp at Fieldhouse Center

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Even through the winter, the Fieldhouse Family Sports and Wellness Center is helping athletes practice for the baseball season.

Saturday, they held their “Skills and Drills Camp.” A baseball clinic for kids, where they can enhance their skills before baseball training in the Spring. They work on everything from pitching, their form, throwing, and fast foot work. The clinic includes two sessions, and was open for kids ages five to fourteen.

“A lot of kids, they’re getting ready as the new year comes in for that baseball season. And there’s just no where to go obviously because of this lovely weather. So they’re able to come in and sharpen their skills before they go into their Spring training,” said Fieldhouse Owner, Alainna Durfee.

Durfee also said events like this highlight how important it is to involve kids into sports at a young age.

“Growing up and understanding that there is so much more to sports than just playing the game. It’s about life, and it’s about life skills that they’re going to learn if they start them out younger,” she said.

The Fieldhouse is planning on holding another clinic before the start of Spring training.