Nominate a Business For ACES Awards

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – It’s time to nominate a business for an ACES Award.

The ACES Awards are Awards for Community and Economic Success. Their purpose is to recognize and celebrate economic investment by businesses and organizations in Muskingum County. The investments or improvements include equipment, machinery, or inventory. These awards will be presented at the Chamber’s annual meeting, Spring Break on March 22nd.

“It’s just important that we can celebrate those things. We are all busy people and life happens very quickly. But it’s a nice chance for us to slow down, recognize the investment that our community has made in business and industry,” said Chamber President, Dana Matz.

Matz said last year the Chamber recognized 104 companies, and that represented more than 26 million dollars of investments.

“If we recognize that somebody’s done something, they just haven’t been nominated, we’ll reach out to them. We’ll also work with the County’s Building Department and we take a look at the permits that were pulled in 2018 for investment and those properties. It’s a combination of both of those,” he mentioned.

To register a nomination for a local business, go to the Chamber of Commerce’s website,


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