​​​​​ODOT prepares for weekend snow

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – ODOT said the plows and trucks are ready to go for Saturday.

Transportation Administrator Phil Valentine from the Ohio Department of Transportation said they have checked over all of their trucks and plows and are ready for Saturday’s snow. He said while they will be in early on Saturday to prepare for the event, they have decided not to pre-treat the roads.

“We decided not to do any pre-treating this round,” said Valentine. “With having that event just a couple days ago there’s a lot of salt residue still left on the pavement so we think that will help us on the front end.”

Valentine said they will have about 20 drivers stationed around the area well in advance of any snow so they can stay on top of the system. He also wanted to remind drives to use caution when following or passing any of the plow trucks.

“Always make sure you stay back from a plow truck,” said Valentine. “Make sure if you end up passing one make sure you’ve got plenty of sight distance and that you can go around them gradually. Just be careful when you’re working around us.”

Valentine said they will keep their crews out on the roads until the event ends on Sunday.

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