Accidents on Veterans Memorial Bridge in Zanesville

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – On January 9th, just after 3 P.M., the Zanesville Police Department responded to two crashes on the Veterans Memorial Bridge which had the bridge closed for a short period of time.

There was a crash that involved three vehicles in the northbound lane. It started with three vehicles that were following each other in the same lane. The front vehicle had slowed or stopped due to traffic. The middle vehicle attempted to stop but was unsuccessful and swerved into the other northbound lane to avoid a collision with the front vehicle. The middle vehicle lost control as a result and spun around striking the median. The rear vehicle was unable to stop due to assured clear distance ahead and struck both the middle vehicle and the front vehicle.

This caused disabling damage to all three vehicles involved. No injuries reported. Citations for failure to control and assure clear distance ahead were issued to two of the vehicle drivers.

The southbound lanes of the bridge were closed as well due to a separate crash involving two vehicles. A Ford truck attempted to pass a Toyota car as it traveled across the bridge. The truck lost control in doing so causing the Toyota to strike the trucks right side. The vehicles spun sideways with disabling damage blocking both lanes of Southbound travel. Non-life threatening injuries were reported and both vehicles were towed due to damage. A failure to control citation was issued to the driver of the Ford truck.