EMA reminds everyone to be prepared for winter after last year’s ice jams

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – This January looks much different than last year, especially when it comes to the Muskingum River.

Almost a year ago to the day, residents along the river were dealing with flooding and damage caused by the ice jams. While temperatures have been warmer so far this year, Muskingum County Emergency Management Agency director Jeff Jadwin said as we head further into winter there is the possibility of the river freezing again and it’s important to be ready if it does.

“Be prepared, last winter was a prime example,” said Jadwin. “We had a lot of people that had to leave their homes, leave their campsites, and lost property so just be prepared in case it would happen again this winter.”

Jadwin said due to all of the rain in the past few weeks they have been monitoring the river closely and while it has stayed well within its banks, anyone along the river should be prepared in case anything does happen. He said there are a few precautions people can take to get ready for winter.

“Get your boats out, get your docks out, have a to-go bag, something that if the water comes up rapidly you can get out,” said Jadwin.

Jadwin said it is also important for those living along the river to have access to warnings or alerts that are issued. He encourages residents in those areas to sign up for the Muskingum County Citizen Alert system either on the EMA website or by calling the office at (740) 453-1655.