Jaycees Public Golf Course gets new General Manager

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – A local golf course has a new general manager.

Mitch Bowman at the Jaycees Public Golf Course has retired and Mick Ponsler will be taking over the position. Ponsler said he is excited to be stepping into the role and that he has a few changes planned for the course.

“Kevin and I, the superintendent, we’re going to try and make the course a little more playable to your average golfer so they can enjoy themselves more when they come out and play golf,” said Ponsler.

Ponsler said they plan to remove trees to open up the green a little as well as other adjustments to a few of the holes. He also wants to let everyone know that it is a family place and that they welcome and encourage kids to come play. Ponsler said they even have special accommodations for the young and old alike.

“We like to let everybody know it’s a family place, they can all come out and play golf,” said Ponsler. “We have up-tees for younger kids and the seniors that are getting older and don’t hit it as far. We’ve got more tees up so they can go play and still score.”

Ponsler said as far as being open during the winter, as long as their isn’t snow on the ground people are able to come and play. He said for more information about the course visit their website.