Starting Your New Year’s Resolutions

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – We have made it to 2019 and it is now time to kick off New Year resolutions.

There is always a variety of goals to choose from and it may be difficult to start them all at the same time but all it really takes is one step forward to get started. Christ’s Table volunteer, June Smith, was handing out small bags of hygiene products for those who are looking to be all around healthier this year.

“We’ve had all these things donated and we like to give them out because a lot of these people have problems with buying things that they need to keep sanitary and clean. So we’re trying to help them out with these gifts,” Smith said.

The point of a resolution is to break bad habits or create better ones. Along with being healthy, people like to set goals like cooking more or volunteering more.

Volunteer, Kayla Runyon said, “My New Year’s resolution is just to become healthier and to be a better version of myself.”

Volunteer, Madison Heskett said, “My New Year’s resolution was to help the community more than I usually do.”

Heskett is currently making blankets for cancer patients as a part of her resolution and Runyon said she plans to eat healthier and exercise.

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