Santa Claus Meet and Greet; One Week Left

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – There is only one week left until Christmas, and now is the time to tell Santa what you would like for the holiday season.

Santa Claus has been at the Colony Square Mall since mid November, taking pictures and taking the time to hang out and speak with kids. Santa said it has been a very busy season this year, visiting with a great number of children, and even seeing some familiar faces.

“One of my very favorite things is when families keep coming year after year. And I think the longest one I had was seven years in a row, and they brought in the photograph from when they were a child all the way up to now they’re young adults. But we’re having a grand time,” Santa said.

Santa said he tries to make these visits a learning experience for the younger kids.

“‘Have you been helping out around the house, picking up with the grown ups a little bit?’ ‘Helping out?’ Wonderful. Make it a very positive thing when positive things are done. So it’s a learning, growing process, and I get to be a part of that, and that warms Santa’s heart,” he added.

Santa will be at the Colony Square Mall until Christmas Eve, and for the full list of hours visit the mall’s website at


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