Doggie Day: VJ

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The Muskingum County Dog Warden and Adoption Center is currently almost full.

Their pick for doggie of the week is VJ a one-year-old pit and hound mix. He is a stray that has been there since the beginning of November but Brittany Calihan, Deputy Dog Warden, said he is ready for his forever home.

“VJ, he is a very quiet boy. He’s up front in the kennel and he has the access and the ability to go outside but he likes to spend most of his day in his bed. So he’s got a blanket in there, he’s got a pillow and I think he would be a dog that would like to lay in bed with you all day and just cuddle,” Calihan said.

She said that he has gotten along with all of the dogs and people that he’s come into contact with. He is a very quiet dog and would be a great fit for any family.

“Dogs are lifelong commitments. They’re not just here’s a happy Christmas present we want to see you smile. These dogs are going to live you know 15, some can live 16 years old. So you got to be willing and committed to spend time and train them or work with them,” Calihan said.

VJ has been neutered and because the center is almost full they have a $60 deal going on right now. They have about 45 other dogs who are also looking for homes, so if you would like any more information Calihan said to call them at (740) 453-0273.