In School Eye Exam program stops in Zanesville

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Many young students need help seeing the board in the classroom, and according to Dr. Tracey Needham, one in four students have some type of vision problem.

She said there are also many students who can’t afford to go to the eye doctor if they do have vision issues, that’s where programs like In School Eye Exam come in. At Zane Gray Elementary students who have been having vision issues were able to have complete vision exams and even receive glasses free of charge through the iSee program.

“So we’re here to help bridge that gap by helping the children get the eye care that they need so that they’re better able to succeed in school and then later in life,” said Dr. Needham.

Teacher of the visually impaired, Rachel Bigham, said it’s important for children to have their eyes checked because so much learning is done through visual methods.

“So one of the biggest barriers to being able to learn is not seeing the material that you’re trying to learn,” said Bigham. “So being able to overcome that, whether it be by correction with glasses or with accommodations, it’s going to be really beneficial to the student to be able to learn along with their peers.”

Dr. Needham said the iSee program would not be possible without the donated exam equipment, along with all of the local optometrists who donated their time and eyewear for the students at Zane Gray.