The 28th Annual Angel Tree Benefit

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The Renner Theater was packed to the rafters.

The final showing of “A light and Fluffy Christmas”, the Angel Tree Benefit, was sold out. Director Rich Tolliver said this year’s show was based off all the different thoughts he has while putting together the Angel Tree show. He said overall people have enjoyed the production and the shows this year have been great.

“They’ve really been very well received, we’ve had very full houses and we’re sold out today and people are just having a great time,” said Tolliver.

Tolliver said he was struck when he heard a child tell Santa that what he really wanted for Christmas was a pair of blue jeans that nobody else had ever worn before. He said hearing that really made him want to give back to the community and the Angel Tree Benefit was born.

“This is our 28th year and what we do is we take a donation to get in,” said Tolliver. “We’ve worked with the Salvation Army a long time, and we’ve got 60 angels right now and our people actually go and do the shopping.”

Tolliver said watching the show come together is a wonderful feeling and he said it’s rewarding to see so many people come together to help the community.

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