Commissioners hear from the Muskingum County Juvenile Court

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The Muskingum County Juvenile Court paid another visit to the Commissioners Thursday to discuss their budget.

Court Director Robert Smith said they have historically had low wages and that while they have been struggling with this issue in the past few years, it has been exceptionally detrimental this year.

“We feel that this year our low wages is contributed to an unusually high turnover of employees and that’s caused us overtime issues, training issues,” said Smith

Smith said he fears the high turnover rate could eventually turn into security issues down the road, as their staff would be made up of more inexperienced workers. He said since their last meeting with the commissioners they have come up with a more definitive salary proposal to put in place. He feels the proposed changes would benefit the center overall.

“Number one, fair compensation for our employees because they are valuable employees and we want them to feel valued and get paid what they’re worth,” said Smith. “But we also think we’ll see less turnover and less resignations and more stability in our workforce.”

Smith said experienced employees are crucial for the work done at the Juvenile center and that he hopes the salary gap can be addressed and attended too.

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