Animal Shelter is Ready for the Holidays

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Pet experts say families looking to add a furry member to their home for the holidays need to be aware of the commitment a pet can take.

The executive director of the Animal Shelter Society said dogs can live anywhere from 12 to 15 years and are a long term commitment.

They also want to make sure the pet is the right fit for the family.

“We can work with families in terms of putting a hold on a dog so they can come back a couple times,” said Executive Director Jody Murray. “We can sometimes schedule home visits, so they can take the dog home and see how it’s going to do.”

For those wanting to check out some of the animals at the shelter, stop by their open house Saturday, December 1 from 10-1:30pm.

One of the dogs up for adoption is a lovable Pitt bull mix named “Diva.”

“She’s very responsive to training. Very responsive to learning to sit, learning to walk on a leash, those kind of things. So, she’s just a wonderful dog,” explained Murray.

For those looking for a gift for the person that has everything, you can take part in the shelter’s giving tree. Every tag has items needed for the shelter that you can purchase in honor of someone.

A thank-you note will be sent to that person.

Also mark you calendars for January 12 when the shelter holds it’s Comedy Night at Bryan Place. Tickets are $20.


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