Warning for Shoppers

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Shoppers should be aware of the common theme for thieves going on right now.

The Zanesville Police Department wants people to be aware of their surroundings and to be careful with where you put your items. One of the ways they can get away with the act is they can steal items out of your car while you continue shopping.

Chief of the Zanesville Police Department, Tony Coury said, “You see a lot of people and complaints that people take packages out of the car when they come back their car’s been broken into because people are watching so be mindful of what you do.”

Chief Coury said if you have to put items in your car, try to do it discreetly and keep your money on you. Another way people are stealing now is packages off of a porch and it is happening in Zanesville.

“What we’re trending is online shopping packages to your front porch. I think you can specify still that if you’re not home, give it to the neighbor’s house or put it around back and put it on the back porch or make sure that you’re there when the package is delivered, especially when you’re ordering high-end items,” Chief Coury said.

Some of the ways you can keep your packages safe: buy smart home technology, such as a doorbell with a camera, ask a neighbor to take care of a package if you can’t and raise awareness so that the community can keep an eye out. You can also tear up boxes into pieces before disposing of them.