Donate $5 to Salvation Army’s Red Kettle and Receive a Print

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – In the 1990’s Mary Ann Bucci was reading that Zanesville had the largest number of churches per capita of any other city in the United States.

This led to her taking pictures of all of those local steeples and churches and creating “Zanesville A Community of Churches”. She donated 500 prints of it to the Salvation Army in Zanesville, which people can receive when donating $5 to any of the Red Kettles that are throughout the community.

“I thought maybe the churches since it would represent the most people. I’m very happy to say it’s been a very popular painting of mine, makes me feel really good,” Bucci said. “The reason that it’s so important is when you drive down 70 even at night, you’ll notice all of the church steeples, lots of them are lighted.”

Bucci believes it is nice that Zanesville has lots of churches and she explains that there are many negatives in every community but this is a positive thing for this one.

“I love the community and any way that we can help. I love Salvation Army, try to support them always,” Bucci said. “I do hope you come out and support the kettles.”

Each print is signed by Mary Ann Bucci and you may even catch her at some of the Red Kettles helping out this season.

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