Two Muskingum County Natives Receive Scholarship

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – It is the 10th year that the Miss Olaf and Miss Olga Hanson Scholarship Award has been handed out through MCCF’s Scholarship Central.

Miss Olaf Hanson lived her life wanting to teach others. She traveled the world teaching religious education and once she retired she taught locally. Dr. Vicki Whitacre, the organizer of the scholarship, said Olaf was her friend for many years and that she helped her write a will before she passed away.

“She was gracious enough to leave part of her estate to the community foundation because she received help to get her masters in religious education and she wanted to help other people who were getting advanced degrees with some scholarship money,” Whitacre said.

The recipients of the scholarship must be from Muskingum County and studying some form of education and this year they picked two women. Kellie Hartmeyer, who is hoping to better herself as a music teacher, is planning to use the scholarship towards her tuition but said it’s really for her students.

“I’m really excited to be receiving a scholarship today because there’s not a lot out there for graduate students, specifically in the field of music ed. So looking forward to being able to use this and benefit my students,” Hartmeyer said.

Andrea Polen is studying to become a counselor and she said this money will help her prepare for and to take her licensure exam.

“She seems like a really interesting woman. She seems to have led a really fulfilled life and I’m honored to be a recipient.” Polen said.

Whitacre said it is always wonderful to meet the people they select for the Scholarship. They like to pick people who volunteer and are involved in the church because of Olaf’s background.