Thomas Payne retires at 90

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – A long-time community figure is retiring this year.

After 67 years of practicing law, Thomas Payne has decided to hang up his hat. The 90-year-old has served as both a lawyer and a judge in Muskingum County court and said that one part of the job he always enjoyed was getting to talk to people.

“Well, I always enjoyed talking to all the people involved. Some people liked me, some people didn’t,” said Payne.

Payne said he earned his law degree in 1952, however after graduation served for two years in the army before being able to practice. He said he does value all of the clients he has had over the years.

“I do appreciate the clientele I’ve had,” said Payne. “I’ve practiced law for a number of years, starting in ’52 but I didn’t get to practice the first two years.”

Payne was honored with a small party at the courthouse and said that while he could have done without it, he appreciates all the people who came to see him.

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