Century National Bank pie baking event

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The smell of pie filled the kitchen at St. Thomas Church.

Volunteers were busy baking pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving dinner, not for their own tables, but for Christ’s Table and the Salvation Army. President of Century National Bank Pat Nash said employees and retirees from the bank started putting pies together at 8 Friday morning and were hoping to finish 100 pies by the end of the day.

“There’s different stations and folks have been mixing and folks have been filling the pie crusts and putting them in the oven so everybody has a job,” said Nash.

Nash said after spending time cutting pies for the Salvation Army Thanksgiving dinner one year they were inspired to begin donating pies. He said they would like to donate 50 pies to the Salvation Army and 50 pies to Christ’s Table, which Keely Warden said is such a blessing to them.

“All the love that’s going into these pies today, it’s going to be great to share that love with our people on Thursday, on Thanksgiving Day. I mean pie is pie, but when it’s homemade pie, it’s pie!” said Warden.

Warden said they try and make Thanksgiving dinner feel as much like a homemade meal as they can, and that having homemade pies will really make it special.

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