O-DOT Prepares For Slick Roads

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The Ohio Department of Transportation is gearing up for a possible blast from Old Man Winter.

O-Dot Crews in Muskingum County are currently getting the trucks prepared and loading up salt. That way, when they come in over night, they are set to get on the roads. There will be sixteen crews working over night.

“Sometime after midnight tonight we’re gonna be scheduling guys in. Really looks like the worst of it is going to be the morning commute. That’s always a little scary,” said Muskingum County’s O-Dot manager, Phil Valentine.

Valentine wants to remind everyone to leave early and make room for the crews clearing the roads.

“Just remember to stay back from us, while we try to work to get you safely to your destination. Give us some room to work. Just be prepared for it in the morning cause it could be bad,” he said.

The precipitation expected for Thursday morning includes freezing rain and sleet.

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