Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Bee Clean Car Wash

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – If you heard the buzz around town, you heard Bee Clean Car Wash held their Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for their new location on Maple Avenue.

Owner, Beau Hankinson, invited the community to celebrate the car wash and excitement for their grand opening on Tuesday. Hankinson says his family has been washing cars in town since 1954, and he feels excited for the new Bee Clean Car Wash to open up. The car wash came under works in May, and Hankinson said it’s all state of the art.

“It has the latest technology, it has more brushes, more drying system than any competitor probably in the State. It’s really that state of the art. We’re excited for everybody to come use us,” said Hankinson.

Bee Clean is also thanking all Veterans by offering them free car washes on Sunday and Monday. And a special treat for the public, free car washes are going to be administered Tuesday through Thursday next week, when they bring a food or clothing donation. The donations will go towards Eastside Ministries and Christ’s Table.

“For Veterans we’re having a special event. We’re not opening to the public until Tuesday, will be our grand opening. But Sunday and Monday of this weekend, we’re actually going to give any veteran a free car wash,” Hankinson added.

Bee Clean Car Wash officially opens on Tuesday, they are located at 3411 Maple Avenue.