Chief Guitar Foundation Raising Money for Wounded Warriors

Local News

WINSLOW, Arkansas – The Chief Guitar Foundation was founded by Jeff Cleavenger of Freedom Coatings, LLC.

They kicked off the “Contractor-Proud Salute” fundraiser drawing in celebration of Veterans Day and it will go until December 31st. The winner will be announced on January 2nd and the prize includes a hand-crafted guitar and a custom-painted Harley Davidson Street Glide Special.

“We started out with building one of a kind electric guitars 20 years ago to raise money for charities throughout the U.S. This goal around 20 years later, I have a neighbor, he’s 84 years old… Who is a 20 year army veteran,” Cleavenger said. He is severely having some problems with mobilization so a couple years ago I got together with him and decided to build these guitars, purchase these ActionTrack Wheelchairs for mobility out in the countryside.”

Donations from the fundraiser will go towards purchasing the chairs, which can run between $13,000 to $15,000. The two different types of chairs are to help wounded veterans move around areas that may be difficult getting around to such as woods or areas with grass. Cleavenger hopes to make a huge impact on these veterans.

“It is my duty as an American to take care of these veterans when they come home from service and I will do whatever I can to design and build custom guitars and motorcycles from here forward to raise these funds and to deliver these chairs to these wounded veterans who have never had a life changing experience and that is my mission personally,” Cleavenger said.

In order to be considered eligible for the drawing you can head to their website and donate to help Cleavenger change the lives of critically wounded vets.

If you or someone you know is interested in becoming eligible for one of the ActionTrack Wheelchairs, there is an application online where they will be asked to share their story or you can nominate them.

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