MCCF Artist Award Application Released

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Local artists can start applying for the Ronna Bucci and Dr. Charles Dietz 2018 Artist Award.

Ronna Bucci was a young artist who passed away and Dr. Dietz was a long time Director at the Zanesville Art Center. Any kind of artist can apply for the $500 award by 5 p.m. on Tuesday, November 20th.

Katie McCarty, Manager of Education Programs at the Muskingum County Community Foundation said, “So from what I’ve heard, local artists really like this award because it’s just extremely helpful to be able to know that there’s that money there to help them with the materials that they need. Depending on the kind of art depends on what the materials are but we’ve had anyone from painters to ceramic artists to photographers.”

McCarty said it is really important to the Bucci’s that they provide support to artists in the community. Applications are on the scholarship central website, as well as at MCCF and ZAAP.

“Basically they just need to talk about the reason that they are an artist, why they wanted to be an artist and talk about their accomplishments, any awards that they’ve received or anything that way that they can put on their application. Then the application also requires that they submit up to three pieces of art, photos or images of their art,” McCarty said.

Recipients will be presented with the Artist Award at the Artist Colony of Zanesville’s First Friday event on Friday, December 7th at ZAAP.