Leaf pick-up begins Monday

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Fall is in full swing which means the trees are dropping their leaves.

It also means that leaf pick-up will begin on Monday, November 5th for the City of Zanesville. Street and Sanitation Superintendent Jeff Shook said the pick-up will be done by ward and they ask everyone keep their leaves between the sidewalk and the curb.

“And we ask that people would rake their leaves between the curb and the sidewalk, close to the street so we can get them picked up,” said Shook. “And also keep them out of the street.”

Shook also wants to remind everyone they will not pick-up leaf piles if cars are parked next to them and not to rake or blow leaves into the street.

“It’s against the law to rake them in the street, there is an ordinance we have,” said Shook. “Like I said, the leaves go down into the storm sewer system and it causes issues.”

Shook said collection will start with Ward 5 and 6 on November 5th and that last collection day will be December 14th. He said they will go through each area at least twice during the collection period. A complete list of pick-up dates can be found below.

Nov 5 thru Nov 9 – Wards 5 & 6
Nov 13 thru Nov 16 – Wards 3 & 4
Nov 19 thru Nov 21 – Wards 1 & 2
Nov 26 thru Nov 30 – Wards 5 & 6
Dec 3 thru Dec 7 – Wards 3 & 4
Dec 10 thru Dec 14 – ALL WARDS

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