Area businesses looking for seasonal workers

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Halloween is over and the countdown to the holidays has begun!

With the holidays quickly approaching, stores and other retailers are looking for additional help. Supervisor Julie Metzger from Ohio Means Jobs said there are open positions for everything between retail workers to delivery drivers.

“Actually there’s about 1500 seasonable positions that need to be filled and that’s anywhere from distribution to delivery drivers to retail and also some production,” said Metzger.

Metzger said most jobs run until Christmas but some could even run through the holidays. She said employers are looking to hire for many types of positions and not all work would require heavy lifting or standing all day.

“So you may not be standing on your feet all day,” said Metzger. “You could be on the phones, you could be picking orders there’s just a lot of different positions that are out there right now.”

Metzger said seasonal jobs are great for college students or even some high school students on break, but are also a great way to bring home some quick cash. She said if interested in seasonal work, open positions can be found on the Ohio Means Jobs website.