WHIZ News Forum for the U.S. Congress Ohio 12th District

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – 12th congressional district candidates met during WHIZ’s news forum.

Troy Balderson and Danny O’Connor answered questions surrounding their views on healthcare, the opioid epidemic, and more. Congressman Balderson said the one thing that he wants viewers to take away from the forum is that he will fight to keep the economy moving forward.

“I want them to know that we’re going to keep this economy moving forward,” said Congressman Balderson. “This economy is booming right now. As I said more than once during that debate we are number one in the world. I want to stay number one in the world and we’re going to continue doing that.”

Franklin County Recorder Danny O’Connor said he will fight for medicare and those with pre-existing conditions. He said his goal is to be a champion in Washington for the local community.

“I want viewers to know that I’ll be a champion for them in Washington D.C.” said O’Connor. “I will be accountable to the people of Zanesville, I’ll be accountable to folks right here in Muskingum County before I’ll be accountable to any big bank, big corporation, and I’ll be their champion.”

Both candidates want to remind everyone how important it is to go vote and to make their voices heard. There are also two other candidates running in the 12th Congressional District.  Joe Manchik is from the Green Party and Marc Fagin is a write in candidate.

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