Midwest Community Field Day

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Members of Midwest Community are attending their first field day.

The Midwest Community is collaborating with The Field House for this event. Midwest Community’s Wendy Holdren says they like to get the members out of the center and keep them active in the community. This led Midwest to create the idea of starting a field day. Different activities the members are partaking in are the long jump, wheelchair race, three legged race, and tug of war. Holdren says this event gets the members to work as a team.

“We like for them to be in the community, as I said. We like for them to learn sportsmanship with each other. And we just like to be one family, teach them how to work together,” said Holdren.

She believes that if this field day is successful it will be an opening for other counties to join in on the fun.

“This is actually our very first one. So if it works out then next year we’re going to try to bring the other counties in to also join with the field day,” Holdren included.

Midwest Community believes the peers ultimately enjoy the field day because they work so often, this is an opportunity to go out and meet new people and be active.