Peggy Cordray and Frances Strickland in Zanesville

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Peggy Cordray and Frances Strickland are launching their “Our Voices” tour.

They are hosting events for community members in Zanesville, Athens and Marietta to discuss Ohio women and the most important issues that surround them. On Tuesday, October 23rd they stopped in Zanesville at the Nelson T. Grant Foundation to talk about women’s equality, healthcare and equal pay.

“We’re interested in making sure that people in your area have a sense of what Cordray and Betty Sutton would bring to the governor’s office and the kinds of things that they care about especially regarding women’s issues,” Cordray said.

She said women make up 48% of Ohio’s workforce and of that two thirds of those women are the breadwinners in the family.

“Which means as society is changed and women have a greater role in our workforce we need to also be changing in the workforce the types of policies that we have,” Cordray said.

Being a parent and having a full time job is something she has a connection with and compares it to having two full time jobs. She believes there needs to be leadership in Ohio that recognizes the challenges and makes sure people are paid fairly.

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