Discussions continue: Bringing high speed broadband internet to the area

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Director of the City’s Public Service and Community Development, Jay Bennett had a meeting with County Commissioners today.

They discussed the possibility of the City’s Public Service division sanitation picking up the County’s solid waste and what that may cost for in-city commercial customers. Bennett said the meeting was just for informational purposes.

“They had wanted to kind of take a look at all of their facilities and come back to us with which ones they would be interested in the city providing,” Bennett said.

There was also a discussion about how the city applied for funding to the Appalachian Regional Commission to install high speed broadband in Zanesville. The City’s Public Service and Community Development have since been working on the design of the system.

“Gone out for a request for qualifications, for an internet service provider. Kind of a public private partnership where the public part of City would own the infrastructure. We would own the connectors, we would own the transmitters, receivers,” Bennett said. “Then the provider would be the one that would be providing the access to the internet for users and doing the billing as well.”

There is no timeline or decisions on a wireless provider just yet but the design will be in the span of 20 blocks through Zanesville, between South Street, Shinnick Street, Third Street, and Seventh Street. Bennett said they have been creating and building up downtown and a high speed internet is an investment downtown needs.