Gas Leak Details

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – If you passed near US 40 at Airport Road and Sonora Road you may have noticed a closure.

On Tuesday, October 16th a gas line was severed and the Muskingum County Emergency Agency were called along with repair crews and then sent to the location to get it fixed. E-M-A Director Jeff Jadwin said they are lucky it was a low pressure gas line.

“ODOT was cleaning some ditches and struck a four inch low pressure gas line,” Jadwin said. “The crew had to come out of Heath to come down and do the repairs. They’re going to have to remove guardrail and the they’re going to have to dig some holes to get into where the repairs got to be made.”

The water department, sewer department and others were called to the incident to check their lines as well. The roads are open and repairs have been made.