Fraternal Order of Police Receives Donation

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The Fraternal Order of Police received a check on Tuesday, October 16th for $3,480 from the Perry County Coon Hunters.

They have been donating a check every year for the last 5 years to the FOP. Jim Hicks, FOP President, said the reasoning behind it is one 13-year-old boy.

“Had a 13-year-old pass away of cancer, he was one of the members. They wanted to do something to remember him so they did a Memorial hunt and fundraising and they picked the Shop with a Cop Program to donate to,” Hicks said.

The ‘Shop with a Cop’ Program involves officers taking children shopping around Christmas time to buy presents such as toys and clothes. It is a program that has been going on for 12 years and will be in early December. Hicks said it helps hundreds of children.

“This year they had a comedy club night down at Bryan’s Place and raised money, plus the Memorial hunt,” Hicks said. “So the proceeds were a little higher this year. We appreciate all of the people that helped them do that.”

Hicks said this is a great way to get children and cops to connect. The FOP really appreciates the community support and if you are interested in the event you can talk to any local officer.