Wild Game Dinner

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The Men’s Ministries at the Christian Alliance and Missionary Church is hosting a Wild Game Dinner.

The dinner will take place at the church Saturday, October 13th at 5:30 p.m. Ed Fell, President of Men’s Ministries, said to bring your favorite dish or dessert if you plan to attend.

“A Wild Game Dinner here in Ohio is primarily venison. That’s what most people are cooking, that’s what they’re bringing into the dinner. Although you may find bear and you’ll find it cooked in a variety of ways. Somebody may make chili using some Wild Game, somebody may do a roast, some people barbecue, we have people who makes soups. So you see Wild Game using a variety of different dishes,” Fell said.

Fell invited his friend from North Carolina to attend the dinner and speak about an incident that happened two years ago. Johnnie Dale, owner of Buffalo Creek Guide Service in North Carolina, was shrimping when he was stung in the forearm by a stingray. He was very close to dying but has miraculously made a full recovery.

“Oh it’s absolutely worth coming for. It’s inspirational when you learn what I’ve been through, what I have overcome. I think it will touch you and change your life,” Dale said.

It is free to attend and anyone is welcome. They do want to have a count of how many people plan to attend so there is a sign up sheet at the church or you can call them (740) 452-2603.

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