ZCS Levy to Provide Security for Schools

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio –  The Zanesville City School District is renewing a levy on the ballot with an addition this November.

The focus of this levy is on safety and security within the Zanesville schools. They do currently have a resource officer in every building but the goal is to maintain that and throughout time as well as add other security upgrades. Doug Baker, Superintendant of Zanesville City Schools, said a good learning environment is when students feel safe and secure.

“Obviously with the times that we live in right now I think an expectation is for schools to be proactive in the safety and security of students and so we are trying to take that proactive stance and do those sorts of things such as put a school resource officer in every one of our buildings,” Baker said.

They also plan to prove the locking mechanisms on all of the doors, put security films on the windows and update camera systems. The levy was originally put in place back in 1989 for 5.9 Mil and this new levy will be 5.2 Mil, this will bring in an additional $500,000. A person with a home value of $100,000 will be taxed at 35% to county auditors which, will be an increase of $45.50.

Mike Young, Treasurer of Zanesville City Schools, said the students and staff have become endeared with the officers at school and if anyone has the opportunity to stop in the building they would see that.

“I would encourage parents to talk to your parents. See what they think of the resource officers and their roles in the buildings. Obviously there are different roles at different levels. The officers in the elementries they may be tying shoes or helping open milk cartons, and those kinds of things. While the resource officers at the middle school and high school become more counselors.”

They said they do not want this levy on safety and security to draw funds from instruction because that is just as important. Baker encourages members of the community to contact them for more information and schedule a tour of the schools to see their safe, secure and welcoming environment. You can email Doug Bakes at baker@zanesville.k12.oh.us or call him at (740) 454-9751. You can email Mike Young at myoung@zanesville.k12.oh.us or call him at (740) 454-9751.

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