2019-2024 Ohio Strategic Plan for Education

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The Ohio State Board of Education recently adopted the Ohio Strategic Plan for Education.

This plan will begin in 2019 and it will last for five years. Stephanie Dodd a Member of the State Board of Education District 9 explained the plan to members of the noon Rotary Club and why the community should support it.

“I’ve been on the State Board of Education representing Muskingum County and Southeastern Ohio for the past almost six years and in that time I’ve seen us always reacting to education related issues and this is important because this is a way to be proactive in ensuring that the Department of Education, State Board of Education, that we’re making decisions that will support our schools and our districts,” Dodd said.

This plan is made up of one goal, three core principles, four learning domains and 10 priority strategies. Dodd said parents, educators and other community leaders came together to develop this, it is flexible and is meant for each child.

“I think that the most important component of the plan is that it’s focused on the whole child,” Dodd said. “It’s not just focused on academics, which of course are extremely important but it’s also focused on the social and emotional needs to students and how we can provide for our teachers and educators. The resources that they need to address the needs of the whole child.”

This is intended to help each child get to their end goal. If you would like to get involved or learn more about this strategic plan, you can go to the Ohio Department of Education website or contact your State Board of Education members.

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