ZAAP Artist of the Month: Cynthia Dixon

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The Zanesville Appalachian Arts Project’s artist of the month is inspired by color.

Cynthia Dixon uses watercolors and acrylic paint to capture landscapes, portraits, and still lives. She said that color and the color of a scene or object is often what inspires her artwork.

“I like to look at something and see that it’s more than one color and use those colors to bring out the form and the shape and the composition…its the color that I like about paint,” said Dixon.

Dixon said she likes to go and take photographs of places and then paint them as a reminder of where she’s been and what she’s seen. Dixon said she hopes people can feel calm and at peace when they view her art.

“Calm and peaceful and happy and maybe bring back some memories that they have,” said Dixon.

Dixon’s art will be on display this Friday at ZAPP during the First Friday Artwalk and during the normal business of ZAPP through the end of the month.

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