Foot by Foot Competition Coming to an End

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The foot by foot competition that the Appalachian Hills of Ohio Territory (AHOOT) and Ohio Arts Council are hosting is coming to an end.

This includes artists from Athens to Zanesville and Saturday, September 29th is the final day for them to get their 12 by 12 canvas into ZAAP. David Mitzel, Director of AHOOT, is really hoping people in the community come and support the artists.

“That’s what this is all about. It’s an attempt to bring a larger community in,” Mitzel said. “We have plenty of artists, we just need people who come in, who may appreciate art or who are people who would like to and they can learn from this experience.”

Mitzel went out and bought 100 canvases for this competition and ZAAP has received 75 so far. The judge is Julie Abijanac from the Columbus College of Art and Design and the thousand dollars worth of prizes will be awarded from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Drinks and food will be provided.

“I feel that the energy that we have now is propelling us to a future that will be beneficial to this area economically, aesthetically, personally.”

Mitzel said the Zanesville community is becoming an arts community again. You can find out more information about this Saturday from both AHOOT and ZAAP.