Zanesville Police Department brings in more applications than expected

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The Zanesville Police Department has some exciting things coming up. 

This weekend, they will host 124 potential new correction officers in an agility test at Zanesville High School. Although they plan to only hire a few, the applicants will remain in the system for future new hires. Chief Tony Coury said if any emergency were to happen during the test, they have staff on hand ready to help.

“Well our personnel do have the ability to perform CPR, but we also have staff from the Fire Department with us so that if anybody’s running and get injured, sprain an ankle or whatever or God forbid have a heart attack, we have personnel on site to render aid to them,” explained Chief Coury.

Chief Coury said they are able to increase the number of patrol officers they have from 45 to 49. He said they needed to add additional officers to replace the loss of putting officers in the schools.

“It means a lot to the city of Zanesville, it means a lot to the Zanesville Police Department, it means a lot to the personnel that work here,” said Chief Coury. “It provides another layer of security.”

The police department will also be receiving new MARCS radios for every officer and the cars. Chief Coury said the radios they currently have will be put to good use – they are passing them down to other departments in the city of Zanesville.

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