Maysville High School is fighting against bullying

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Bullying is an issue that continues to be a problem in schools. 

Maysville High School brought in the Founder of No Bullying Schools, Tom Thelen, to not only give students a stop bullying message, but solutions on how to handle bullying. Thelen said his goal is to teach them how to speak up and make sure they know how to get help from those trusted adults in their life.

“It’s my life mission to help people with bullying because I was bullied as a kid and thankfully, I had a teacher that helped me to break free from it,” said Thelen. “Kids who carry that struggle alone internally, they have what we call baggage. We want them to break free from the baggage – the only way that happens is when they report it and then talk through it with that trusted adult.”

Thelen believes that a lot of bullying comes from social media, but he said the most foundational element of any kids life is the roof they live under. Maysville is being proactive about preventing bullying – they held a parent seminar tonight to give them tips on on how to help their children break free from bullying.

“They’re dedicating their whole day here to say, bullying stops here and we’re going to help these kids not just with the incident, but now we’re going to help them on a social/emotional level to become resilient and respectful and responsible people,” said Thelen. “So hats off to maysville and thanks for having me to your city.”

Thelen has a phone app called “Report Bullying” in the app store for students to download to help make them feel safer when they report bullying. Maysville Schools are registered, so any student that reports an incident, it will go directly to their principal.

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