Knap-In brings inspiration from all over the world

Local News

LICKING COUNTY, Ohio – The Flint Ridge Knap-In brings in people from all over the state, but one vendor travels across the ocean to be there every year.

Amiel Abir is from Israel, and has been sharing his knowledge and passion for knapping and archaeology at the Knap-In for three years now. Abir said his culture has a long history filled with customs, language and music and he feels like that’s something he can share here in America.

“I like to introduce some foreign culture into the mix and spice things up a little, you know international middle-eastern flavor and kind of just educate people a little bit more about what life’s like over there and our culture which seems to be very misunderstood,” Abir said. 

Abir said he has beautiful friendships at Flint Ridge and thinks of it as a second home and he wants others to know that knapping isn’t easy but it’s a road worth traveling.

“Don’t do it for the material, do it for the knowledge,” Abir said. “Don’t get caught up in the destination, but the journey and the knowledge that’s to be learned from it.”

Abir visits Ohio once a year to attend the Knap-In and said he loves to see all the beautiful nature. He hopes to come every year and continue to fill his suitcase with native rocks to share with the community.


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