Indian Run Apiary inspects local beekeepers

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – There’s a hobby in Muskingum County that has people buzzing. 

There are almost 70 beekeepers in Muskingum County. Indian Run Apiary inspected Louise Hawkins’ bee hives. Owner, Michael DeVaughn, said he’s been an inspector for five surrounding counties the past ten years. Even though he has over 20 bee colonies himself, looking at his customers bee hives is his favorite part.

“My favorite part? Inspecting,” said DeVaughn. “I enjoy coming out and inspecting the beekeepers.”

Beekeeper, Louise Hawkins is fairly new to the industry. She started her two colonies a year ago and said she enjoys doing it, even though it can be hard work at times. She’s a gardener and thought being able to have her own honey would be a nice addition.

“And I think the benefits – some people say that local honey is good for allergies, I can’t say if that’s true or not, but I think that would be nice to be able to eat my own honey,” explained Hawkins.

Hawkins is hoping to harvest her first honey this year.

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