Hull Pottery Show and Sale

Local News

CROOKSVILLE, Ohio – Pottery week is coming to a close in Southeast Ohio. 

The 25th annual Hull Pottery Show and Sale took place July 13th and 14th at Crooksville High School. Vice President of the Hull Pottery Association, Keith Knowles, said they are happy with the turn out they’ve received the past couple days.

“We’ve had a great crowd the past two day. We’ve had a lot of people walk through. Dealers are smiling so that’s a good thing,” said Knowles.

They always end the show and sale with a luncheon to honor all of the past employees at Hull Pottery. 98-year-old, Belva Ball, loves coming out each year to remember all of the great memories she made while being an employee.

“Memories are great. I see a lot of people I know and don’t know, but to see the ware is beautiful,” said Ball. “Oh I think it’s wonderful because people are still interested and know where it came from.”

The Hull Pottery Association grants two $1,000 scholarships each year to recent graduates from Crooksville High School. This year, the two recipients were Jaylynn Skeenes and James Swingle.

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