County Commissioners hold budget hearing

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The County Commissioners held the budget hearing during their meeting Thursday.

Each department filed a budget with the Commissioners and from there the budgets were compiled for the hearing and will be critiqued in the fall when the actual budget is reviewed.

“We more or less call this their wish list,” said Muskingum County Commissioner Jim Porter. “It’s what they’re asking for and then we’ll critique it here this Fall when we actually do the budget and see what we come up with.”

Porter said the 2018 budget came in at about $33 million and the request for next year outnumbers that by about $4 million. He said they expect large changes to the requested budgets.

“I anticipate a big change,” said Porter. “We have to come with $4 million, we don’t have to come with $4 million because we don’t have the revenue to cover that. So there will be drastic…the 2019 budget requests will be cut tremendously.”

Porter said they will begin to work on the budget in November and hope to have it completed by January, if not sooner.

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