Camp Discovery at Friendly Hills Camp

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- Summer is in full swing and many kids are enjoying summer camps across the county. One camp got started this week and the kids are having fun exploring.

Camp Discovery is a day camp at Friendly Hills Camp. The kids, ages six to 14, spend time enjoying various activities.

“We had extreme exploration yesterday where they turned over rocks and found all of the life in the stream,” said Camp Director Patty Dyer. “All of the little creepy crawly bugs and critters. We’ve had swimming every day.”

The kids are experiencing plenty of outdoor activities. They learned about fruits and vegetable growing from a local greenhouse and spent some time in nature.

“We’re doing a nature hike that’s kind of a combination of plant identification tree identification,” said Dyer. “Things that are beneficial for livestock, beneficial for the environment. Easy trees to identify. Just a little bit about things that we shouldn’t be touching like poison ivy.”

It’s not too late to sign your kid up for Camp Discovery. The camp continues next week and will offer an overnight camp next month. You can find more information on their website at

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