The Rushing Wind Biker Church takes over Colony Square Mall

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio- A local church concluded their showcase at Colony Square Mall.

Motorist lined the mall with a variety of motorcycles while enjoying fellowship between other bikers and the local community.

“We’ve brought some bikes here to the mall this year and we’ve done this for several years and our effort is to bring the community together with the businesses that are within the mall and to be able to bring some of the motorcycles enthusiast here so we can come together, help bring in some funds here and just really be a part of the community. Watching the bikers come together especially the clubs and the ministries working together. It’s just an awesome time to be able to see all of the people,” said Michael McGuire, Pastor of the Rushing Wind Biker Church.

Pastor Mike McGuire said their aim is truly to bring the community together.

“What we anticipate every year is just to watch the community come together here at the mall, bringing the motorcycle community together with our local businesses here within the mall and Kevin Pinson has been absolutely wonderful he’s the marketing manager here and we thank him especially for just opening the doors to allow us to bring the motorcycles here together to be able to just share the love of riding with those that are here at the mall today,” said Pastor McGuire.

Up next for the Rushing Wind Biker church will be a “club night” where local biker clubs come together for a night of fellowship and fun.

For more information about upcoming events. contact the Rushing Wind Biker Church.

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